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Heel Spurs

Heel Spurs

Heel spurs ( a.k.a. plantar fasciitis ) can really put a damper on your life. One of the worst things about a heel spur is that your friends and family may not understand how debilitating the pain for some heel spur victims. Foot pain can be unbearable and make your life miserable.

Heel Spur Treatment

Deciding how you will deal with your heel pain will be one of the most important decisions and a decision that should not be made without first considering all the facts. This site has been designed to provide you with information about the advantages, disadvantages and risks associated with different types of treatment for heel pain, including surgery and a new treatment called Ossatripsy.

The following information is an educational aid and does not constitute the practice of medicine. If you have a medical problem, http://www.heel-spur-treatment.com recommends that you seek the help of your physician or other healthcare professional.

If you are suffering from heel pain you are not alone. In a recent poll conducted by a the American Podiatric Medical Association(APMA) last year, found that 55% of Americans missed a day of work because of foot problems.

Fortunately for these heel pain sufferers, customized shoe insoles have a 68% success rate of helping with this pain according to a study published in the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association (November/December 2001).

Many people have found relief from PowerStep® Insoles, Pair . You may want to try them for your heel spur pain.

A more aggressive conservative treatment options are:
A-Force® Dorsal Night Splint, Each FootSmart® Passive Night Splint, Each

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Heel Spur Treatment Guide Contents

1. What is a Heel Spur?
2. How do we develop plantar fasciitis?
3. What are the forms of plantar fasciitis?
4. What are the most common types of treatment for plantar fasciitis?
5. What are the heel spur surgical options?
6. What is your best treatment option?
7. What stretches help reduce heel pain?
8. How can you prevent re-injuring the heel?

1. What is a heel spur?

While the term heel spur may create the impression of a sharp bony projection on the bottom of the heel that pokes the bottom of our foot causing our pain. Painful heel spurs are actually a result of damage to the soft tissue at the bottom of the foot. While this may be confusing, we'll try to explain.

Heel spurs is the more common name for a condition that is medically referred to as plantar fascitiis or heel spur syndrome. Plantar fasciitis is a location oriented term that refers to the bottom of the foot(i.e. plantar warts). Fascia is a tough, inelastic band. 'itis'is a term used to describe something that is inflamed (i.e. tendonitis, bursitis).

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PowerStep®  Insoles, Pair

PowerStep® Insoles, Pair

The ideal insole for complete foot support, comfort, correct posture and mechanics. Invented by podiatrist Dr. Les Appel, PowerStep® helps relieve heel and arch pain, while preventing foot strain and injury. A full-length, prescription-like, flexible polypropylene arch support is embedded in a double-layer polyethylene cushion casing. The result, control for feet rolling inward (overpronation), which can pull the entire lower body out of alignment. A special Sanitiz fabric cover reduces slippage and heat, helping keep feet drier. Order by men's/women's shoe size above.

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